About the Food

We make it here. From sausages to sauces; from batter to fries; from our desserts to the ice cream that we put on them, we make it here. We do not serve manufactured or bought-in products, we buy ingredients and cook food. We hope the pride we take in our food shows, and that you're as happy with it as we are.


About the Beer

We keep our eight main draught taps stocked with only the finest U.K. beers available, and we run three craft beers (typically at least two are local beers) through our secondary taps. We love them all! In addition, we maintain a quite large selection of import and domestic beers in bottles and cans.

About the Name

London's Fleet Street was the home of newspaper publishing from about 1500, and the first daily newspaper was published there in 1702. Fleet Street soon became synonymous with the news media in the same way that Wall Street became synonymous with the financial industry in the USA.

Meanwhile in Nashville, the original pub is on Printers Alley, which is so named because it was the hub of the publishing industry in the southeast, and where Nashville's first newspaper was published. Thus an English pub on Printers Alley naturally became Fleet Street Pub. And since the location was downstairs and in a basement, it seemed almost too obvious to go with a London Underground theme.


About the Pub

We wanted a U.K.-style pub. English, Irish, Scottish — it didn’t matter hugely, we just wanted the kind of pub that we enjoyed so much on our trips abroad.

We wanted the music to be rock, mostly English rock, and loud enough so that you can name the song; but never so loud that you must shout over the song.

We wanted the food to be both comfortable and spectacular, a mix of mid-range pricing and fine-dining quality. And we wanted the finest draught beers from the U.K.

We wanted a place you can hang about and chat; where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

We wanted a place where you can watch international football, even in the wee hours of the morning, as is often the case; or maybe instead have a go at the dartboards.

So we made Fleet Street Pub, and we believe it’s all the things that we wanted.

About our crew

We proudly boast that we have the best crew in all of Nashville. We keep turnover low by keeping our crew happy, and we hope our happy crew keeps you happy!


Smoking allowed after 3pm